2N Intercoms 

2N IP video intercoms are standalone IP devices designed to increase the security of a building and of the people who live or work inside. With a wide range of models, the 2N intercoms are suitable for any commercial and residential building.
  • 2N Answering Units
    2N Answering Units
    Audio and video units that adapt to each interior. Luxury design and materials for the residential or commercial market. A simply elegant solution for video communication. Installation by connecting a single UTP cable or connected to IP. It is ideal for use in apartment complexes, home automation systems, modern interiors, large villas and high specification office environments.
  • 2N IP Style
    2N IP Style
    The 2N® IP Style sets a new standard in access control simplicity, performance and aesthetics, meeting the specific needs of owners of modern residential complexes and office buildings.
  • 2N IP Verso
    2N IP Verso
    The 2N® IP Verso video intercom combines an elegant modular design with advanced technology. This variable intercom offers a series of functions for communication with visitors, access control and video surveillance. Its various functionalities such as a touch screen, a card reader, a keyboard etc. guarantee a wide range of uses.
  • 2N IP Base
    2N IP Base
    2N® IP Base is compact IP video intercom, which can be installed very easily and quickly. Tis intercom is equipped with one or two buttons and offers high quality audio and video. It is the video intercom system intended above all for smaller installations.
  • 2N IP Solo
    2N IP Solo
    A compact IP video intercom that will be a great element at the entrance of your smart home. Although it only has one button on its structure, it can surprise you with its hidden HD camera, its multiple functionalities including calls to your smartphone, and its easy integration with your existing home automation system. It is also available in black.
  • 2N IP Force
    2N IP Force
    2N® IP Force is an extremely rugged IP intercom that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. It makes it possible not only to communicate with the people who come, but also to supervise and control access. Take advantage of its superior features and achieve maximum security in your building.
  • 2N IP Safety
    2N IP Safety
    2N® IP Safety video intercom is a first-class security intercom designed for emergency communication. It does not matter if it is flooded with water or exposed to the cold of −40 °C. In all cases it is fully functional. In addition, thanks to its orange color you will find it quickly in emergency situations.
  • 2N IP Verso Accessories
    2N IP Verso Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement the 2N IP Verso video intercom. Here you will find a wide range of accessories with which to complete, expand or improve the installation of your video door entry unit.
  • 2N IP Style Accessories
    2N IP Style Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement the 2N IP Style video intercom.
  • 2N IP Vario Accessories
    2N IP Vario Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement the 2N IP Vario video intercom.
  • 2N IP Force Accessories
    2N IP Force Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement the 2N IP Force video intercom.
  • 2N IP Safety Accessories
    2N IP Safety Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement the 2N IP Safety video intercom.
  • IP Phones
    IP Phones
    The most popular IP phones, fully compatible with almost all major SIP platforms on the market and can seamlessly integrate with SIP-based security cameras, IP PBXs, and door systems, including 2N IP video intercoms.
  • Licenses
    Choose and purchase your license for 2N® IP devices online. Do not forget to specify the serial number of your device in your order.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 113 items