AJAX ReX Radio signal range extender

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Description AJAX ReX Radio signal range extender

Ajax ReX significantly expands the scope of the Ajax system. The device is a repeater with the function of controlling the system devices connected to it, allowing them to be placed at a considerable distance from the main Hub. ReX is convenient to use in such objects as: a multi-storey office building, a hotel, a remote garage or a large production. With ReX, the coverage area of ​​the Ajax radio network can be increased up to 16 km².

The repeater receives signals from the Hub / Hub Plus and transmits to the devices connected to it, and also transmits the signals of the devices to the hub. ReX is polled by the hub with a period of 12-300 seconds (default: 36 seconds), while alarms are delivered in no more than 0.3 seconds.

Up to 99 devices can be connected to the Hub + ReX system; in Hub Plus + ReX - up to 149 devices.
The range of the repeater is up to 1800 meters.

In the event of a power outage, the ReX will continue to operate for up to 35 hours from the built-in backup battery.

ReX is ready to go out of the box. Configurable using a mobile app. Mounts in minutes thanks to the SmartBracket mount.

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