Alarm Systems 

We offer a wide range of advanced alarm security systems to meet your needs. Protect what you want to protect and do it with the latest technology in the intruder alarm security system. In this section, you can find control panels, keyboards, detectors, sirens, controls, alarm kits and other accessories for intruder alarm systems.
  • FoxSec

    FOXSEC brand offers state-of-the-art flexible integrated security solutions that are always delivered with a focus on ease of use for end-users. All hardware and software are produced in Estonia, EU following the highest quality assurance standards.

  • AX PRO
    AX PRO
    The recently launched AX PRO product line includes a compact panel hub suitable for various detectors and peripherals, covering intrusion detection, video verification, smoke detection, flood detection, and home automation. The system can be configured according to various needs. Installation complexity is extremely low, so end users can easily manage the system through its intuitive user interface.
  • Videofied
    Videofied alarm system is a complete wireless alarm system without fees with video verification and with a wide range of peripherals and accessories for a correct installation in any place, completely wireless, with GSM/GPRS network function and with Back-up batteries. Simple, fast installation anywhere: residential, industrial, commercial, or even exterior sites.
  • AJAX
    Ajax protects your home from burglars, fires, and floods. If trouble comes, the system will immediately activate the sirens, send you an alert, and request for help from the alarm response company.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 178 items