Cost-effective integrated security solution for small to medium-sized enterprises - FoxSec LITE+

Cost-effective integrated security solution for small to medium-sized enterprises - FoxSec LITE+

If you are looking for flexible and cost-effective integrated security solution for your enterprise then you should take a look at the FoxSec LITE+. This security system is a great choice for small to medium-sized buildings. It has been designed as a simplified solution of the advanced FoxSec NET+, which we have already reviewed in the previous article on our blog.

The FoxSec LITE+ security system offers fully integrated intruder alarm and access control products, and there are two options of control panels, one option of door controller, and multiple options of zone expanders. The system supports a wide range of integration possibilities with 3-rd party security products and systems.

Both main control panels (FS9010 and FS9010BN) are equipped with 16 zone inputs, 9 PGMs, 2 Wiegand inputs (2 doors), 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, Contact ID modem, and EEPROM memory up to 2.800 security users. Additionally, the control panel FS9010BN can communicate with building management systems (BMS) to increase efficiency of building operation.

Further, access control of the FoxSec LITE+ system has been designed for installations with basic access control requirements. It’s very affordable, easy to install and maintenance free. The maximum number of the system’s access points are only twelve. Also, should be taken into account that the door controllers of the FoxSec LITE+ system must be connected to the main control panel, as they can’t operate autonomously.

All hardware configuration of the FoxSec LITE+ system, as well as configuration of integration application settings such as graphical floor plans, should be performed via FoxSec Conf software. FoxSec Conf is system configuration software and is distributed free of charge.

The flexible architecture of the FoxSec LITE+ system allows to expand it up to 240 zones, 48 keypads, 240 relay outputs, 240 partitions, and 24 card readers and 12 doors. If you are going beyond or you need new functionalities several years after installation, then all hardware of your security system can be lump together into a single piece of software - FoxSec WEB. Such way your security system can be extended virtually without limits.

All FoxSec products are produced exclusively in the Estonia under strict quality and environmental standards. Thanks to the use of industrial components, the hardware products will serve you for decades. The built-in data line optical isolation protects hardware from transient surges and ground loops.

Posted on 02/25/2022 Alarm Systems 2099