Why are FoxSec door controllers a smart choice for new access control projects?

Why are FoxSec door controllers a smart choice for new access control projects?

At the heart of every access control system is the door controller, a solid-state printed circuit board in a dedicated housing that is located near each point of entry into a building to control local doors. As a rule, the controllers operate 2 doors or a single door with access control in both directions. The door controller is the component of the access system that allows other system devices, such as readers and electric strikes, to communicate. Controllers also determine whether to unlock an opening or activate alarms or lights.

In this article we will take a look at the advantages and what makes FoxSec door controllers stand out when designing new access control projects.

More flexibility for your access control

First of all, you can mention exceptional flexibility in terms of the possibility of expansion and integration of the system. The FS730x and FS830x series single- and dual-door FoxSec controllers support a full range of third-party readers, including Rosslare, Mifare, HID, fingerprint and facial recognition readers, as well as multi-vendor mobile credential support. Starting with a single door system, a system can be expanded as needed in almost unlimited ways.

Supports autonomous operation

Another advantage is that FoxSec door controllers have built-in internal memory that allows the system to function completely autonomously, without being connected to a computer. All decisions are processed autonomously without depending on the system server.

Anti-passback function

Another advantage is the Anti-passback function that is included absolutely free. This feature enables enhanced access control to include rights abuse monitoring for repeated access to a controlled area. For example, if an employee passes his card to another person through a window and there is no record of him leaving the area, the card will be locked and subsequently prevented from entering the given Anti-passback area. The purpose of this is to ensure compliance with access regulations and increase the level of security in high-security buildings.

Optical isolation of data lines

Optical isolation of the data line is arranged within each door controller, which solves the problem of ground loops by effectively lifting the connection between the data line and "ground" at either end of the line. If there is an optically coupled connection at each end, the data traffic "floats" above the volatility of ground potential differences.

FoxSec WEB software compatibility

One more advantage is the full compatibility with the FoxSec WEB software (this solution we have already described in one of the previous articles). Why an advantage? Imagine a situation where an access control system needs new functionality several years after installation, for which you will need a system with a much more flexible architecture than is currently available. In the case of FoxSec access controllers it will not be necessary to replace all the hardware of the system, it is enough to replace only a piece of software of the current system with FoxSec WEB. So FoxSec drivers are ready for yet unknown future challenges!

Where are FoxSec door controllers produced?

Door controllers, like all other FoxSec products, are exclusively produced in Estonia under strict environmental and quality standards. Thanks to the use of industrial components, hardware products will serve you for decades.

Do you want to use the FoxSec access control system in your company, organization or in the building used? Great idea! Of course, the method of implementing such a solution depends on the architecture of the facility, the specificity of the company's operations, the number of employees and many other factors. However, you don't have to take care of these details yourself; all you need to do is contact us and get answers to your questions. We will help you with pleasure!

Posted on 11/02/2022 Access Control 2380