Do you need a surveillance camera in a custom color?

Do you need a surveillance camera in a custom color?

The choice of CCTV systems in the current Spanish market is enormous: we can find equipment for any budget, to solve any problem of video surveillance of an object, with almost any technical characteristic.

The only thing that limits users are aesthetic issues: the appearance and color of the surveillance camera housings. Many manufacturers offer scaled down color versions of the cameras. White, black, gray and... everything, here the offer is limited. And users looking for a solution to maintain a harmonious interior or exterior by installing a video surveillance system have almost nothing to choose from.

Professional painting services to minimize "color" noise

We, in cooperation with partners, offer color customization of CCTV cameras and other electronic security devices in the selected color using professional equipment and environmentally friendly paints adapted for this purpose.

The customization of the color of the cameras will be the perfect solution to combine security and design, efficiency and stealth. This solution will allow you to use all the advantages of security monitoring without violating the styling of the interior or exterior.

To choose the right color, you should familiarize yourself with the options in the RAL catalog. It has more than 200 colors for all tastes. As a rule, they are enough to solve the problem of color compatibility of cameras and the environment.

What are the prices and delivery times?

The CCTV camera painting price depends on the model, size and complexity. The price range is from 35 to 50 euros per unit. The price drops a bit if you are going to paint more cameras. For example, if you paint 1 medium-sized dome it will cost you 39 euros, but if you are going to paint 3 at a time it will cost you only 108 euros (37 euros/unit). Painting usually takes up to 3 weeks, but there is an option to paint it faster (up to 1 week, +30% price increase).

Does a surveillance camera lose its warranty after painting it?

NO. If you order this color customization with us, you can freely customize the cameras according to your needs without losing your warranty. Hikvision cameras painted in the color you want will remain under the manufacturer's warranty, which is indicated in the technical passport of the device. (We have written the warranty periods for Hikvision products in this previous article).

How to order?

To order a customization, you must contact our team with the device data and specify the color code in the RAL Classic palette or the full name of the color and a specific brand of paint.

Posted on 12/12/2022 Video Surveillance 2237