The Latest Hikvision Technology - AcuSense

The Latest Hikvision Technology - AcuSense

Today, small and medium-sized businesses have many security requirements. You need to identify threats and respond to perimeter breaches in real time, detect false alarms, automate file searches, and much more. To solve all these problems, Hikvision AcuSense technology was developed, which not only has advanced functionality for analyzing video content, but also has the ability to identify objects and events that do not pose a real threat.

The operator of on-site security systems is often faced with disturbances such as light, raindrops, cobwebs, leaf movement, birds or animals, all of which can cause false alarms. As a result, several problems arise:

  • a lot of unnecessary information;
  • decreased effectiveness of alarms;
  • increased operating costs due to additional false alarm controls;
  • reduced user satisfaction with the security system.

Currently, the effectiveness of traditional algorithms for video surveillance systems is declining. This is happening for several reasons: The number of video surveillance devices is growing rapidly and with it the amount of raw data. Traditional algorithms of video surveillance systems cope with the processing of received information only at the surface level, which causes such disadvantages of security systems as low accuracy in threat detection and object recognition, increased requirements for environmental conditions and fewer recognized object types.

Learning: from the superficial to the deep

The deep learning algorithmic model has a significantly more complex architecture than traditional models. When deep learning technologies are used, the original signal passes through several layers of processing, as a result of which the algorithm transforms the partial understanding (surface level) into a general pattern (deep level), on the basis of which the perception of the studied object.

Deep learning does not require manual control; all information is read and processed using a computer. The more necessary properties of an object are found by the algorithm, the more accurate the classification and recognition will be.

Key factors of deep learning

Data volume

The development of user interaction and increased participation leads to an increase in the volume of data. This creates a large amount of material for high-quality training, and object models for recognition in video surveillance systems become more accurate..

Computational power

Deep learning is made possible by the active advancement of GPUs, supercomputers, cloud computing, and other high-performance hardware platforms.

Architecture network

Deep learning algorithms are constantly being optimized to improve recognition quality and accuracy.

What tasks does the Deep Learning algorithm help to solve?

1. Face detection

Face detection software analyzes images and detects the presence of people in them. After that, the system determines the position, size and expression of the face. Based on the video stream, the deep learning algorithm determines whether a person is in the frame or not, after which the position, size and main features of the people in the frame are fixed. After comparing the image with the faces in the database, the person is identified.

2. False alarm filter

The false alarm filter allows the system to re-recognize people as part of behavior analysis (line crossing, intrusion detection). In this way, the system effectively eliminates false alarms caused by falling leaves, shadows, glare, animals, etc.

3. People counting

The function of counting the number of people (entering, leaving or passing through a certain area) based on the Deep Learning algorithm is complemented by special filters. Thanks to this, the security system is able to identify loitering people, continue to count even at a non-standard angle, and filter objects in the frame by height.

4. Structuring of vehicle data

The algorithm uses data from the car, such as registration number, color, model, make, etc., to form a database, which can then be used to search for a vehicle.

5. Search people by body features

This type of search allows the system to use a complete photo of a person to find matches in other images and video frames.

But how does AcuSense help you grow your business?

The answer is simple: with AcuSense, your business can transition to innovative, AI-powered security features at minimal additional cost. And because you can achieve significant security and performance improvements with AcuSense, purchase decisions are often easy to justify and quickly pay for themselves.

We offer our customers the latest IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs with AcuSense. Do you need more information about competitive advantages and future-oriented protection? We will be happy to help you, contact us.

Posted on 09/06/2021 Video Surveillance 2637