Prox card dual frequency S50+TK4100

Brand: Hikvision


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  • Dual frequency prox card: S50 + TK4100
  • Dimensions: 85.5 × 54 × 0.8 mm
  • Compatible with EM + MIFARE 1
  • High-quality access control solution
  • Reliable and secure access technology
  • Perfect for various security applications
  • Efficient and convenient access management
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    Prox Card Dual Frequency S50+TK4100: Advanced Access Control Solution

    The Prox card dual frequency S50+TK4100 is a cutting-edge access control solution that combines the latest technology with user-friendly design. This proximity card is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their security measures without sacrificing convenience. With dual-frequency capabilities, this card can be used for a wide range of applications, from building access to time and attendance tracking.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Thin, smart, contactless dual-frequency card
    • Reading Frequency of 13.56MHz and 125KHz
    • Reading Distance of ≤10cm
    • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

    Product Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 85.5 × 54 × 0.8 mm
    • Manufacturer: Hikvision

    Product Benefits and Use:

    The Prox card dual frequency S50+TK4100 offers a secure and convenient access control solution for businesses of all sizes. With its dual-frequency capabilities, this card can be easily integrated into existing access control systems, providing a seamless user experience. The thin and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, while the contactless technology ensures quick and efficient access. Whether used for building access, time and attendance tracking, or other security applications, this proximity card is a versatile and reliable solution.

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    Brand Hikvision Control de Accesos

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