Hikvision DS-K2601T Controller

Brand: Hikvision


New product

  • Advanced 1-door access controller by Hikvision
  • Supports 2 Wiegand or 2 R485 readers
  • Compatible with Ehome 5.0, ISAPI, and OSDP protocols
  • Secure access control solution
  • Enhanced security features
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Reliable and efficient access management

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Hikvision DS-K2601T Controller: Advanced Access Control Solution

The Hikvision DS-K2601T Controller is an advanced access control solution designed to provide secure and efficient access management for your premises. This controller is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their security measures. With support for up to 2 Wiegand or R485 readers, this controller offers flexibility and scalability to meet your specific access control needs.

Technical Characteristics:

- Supports Ehome 5.0, ISAPI, and OSDP protocols - Can be integrated with 2 Wiegand or R485 readers - Compact and easy to install design - User-friendly interface for easy operation - Secure and reliable access control system

Product Specifications:

- Dimensions: 120mm x 78mm x 22mm - Power Supply: 12V DC - Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C - Communication Interface: RS-485, TCP/IP - Storage Capacity: Up to 30,000 cards Product Benefit and Use: The Hikvision DS-K2601T Controller offers a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their access control systems. With its support for multiple protocols and reader types, this controller provides a flexible and reliable solution for managing access to your premises. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate, while its compact design allows for easy installation in any environment. Whether you are looking to secure a small office or a larger commercial building, the Hikvision DS-K2601T Controller is the perfect choice for your access control needs.

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