Dahua Intercoms 

The entire range of Dahua video intercoms at affordable prices. The intercom is ready to use and set up in a few minutes. The modern indoor station with 7-inch display impresses with its high-quality design and user-friendly touchscreen surface. With just one touch, you can talk to the person outside or open the door. You can also access the cameras from the video surveillance system. The system can be installed via 2-wire or Ethernet cabling. Accessible via Internet with all the functionalities, video conversation, door opening, instant call reception.
  • Outdoor Station
    Outdoor Station
    Dahua IP outdoor station enables residents to view and talk with visitors and remotely unlock doors from an in-unit color indoor monitor.
  • Modular Outdoor Station
    Modular Outdoor Station
    Flexible modular design with camera, button, keyboard, reader, and fingerprint modules allows you to choose which components to use. One-button calling enables convenient communication between visitors and residents in small apartment applications.
  • Indoor Monitors
    Indoor Monitors
    Wide range of Dahua IP indoor monitors at affordable prices.
  • Accessories
    Explore our catalog of accessories that complement Dahua IP video intercoms.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 28 items