As a professional access control system, FOXSEC Smart Pass was designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Access control system allows set up to 1.850 users and 240 different access points and/or lifts. The system's flexible structure allows users to connect into the system itself and also up to four access points in different geographical locations. Access control system can easily be integrated into intercoms and surveillance systems, lift and gate automation, and other similar systems.
  • Software
    As a professional access control software, FOXSEC Smart Pass is designed to manage all FOXSEC access control panels. The software can simultaneously manage access control and generate an attendance report. It is a desktop software that is suitable for small and medium business applications.
  • Door Controllers
    Door Controllers
    The range of available FOXSEC door controllers includes highly secure single and double door controllers with memory capacities, and offers a new approach to access control management and integration, enabling maximum security and ease of use. FOXSEC door controllers support a full range of 3rd party readers including Mifare, HID, facial and fingerprint recognition readers as well as mobile credential support from multiple vendors.
  • Turnstile Controllers
    Turnstile Controllers
    If you need a controller that can handle control access points equipped with turnstiles, then FOXSEC turnstile controller will be ideal. It’s highly flexible and high performing, working seamlessly together with turnstiles by reading the identifier code (RFID card, PIN code, biometrics etc).
  • Accessories
    Here you can find a wide selection of the most popular FoxSec access control accessories on the market.
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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items