FoxSec LITE 

FOXSEC LITE is an integrated security solution developed on the basis of FOXSEC PRO series as a budget version of the system. The FOXSEC LITE central control panel features 16 on-board zones, 9 PGMs, ETHERNET comunication, and two wiegand inputs (2 doors). Each control panel can be extended to control up to 128 security zones using extension modules. It can control up to 12 access points including those with ASSA ABLOY Aperio wireless locks.

  • Software

    FOXSEC LITE series software consists of FoxSecConf system configuration software, including the configuration process for hardware, integration software and configuration settings, such as graphical floor plans, CCTV, time and attendance management, and other modules of integration.

  • Control Panels
    Control Panels

    The FOXSEC LITE series control panel has developed in a way that it is very durable and has many different and flexible functions. It has on-board ETHERNET, it can handle up to 128 security zones and areas. It has been designed in a way that minimizes impact on corporate LANs by using only one UDP/IP address for Main panel itself, and by handling low-level transactions on the CANbus network.

  • Extension Modules
    Extension Modules

    Use zone extension modules on any FOXSEC LITE series alarm control panel to provide additional space for your hardwired detectors/sensors. Each card provides 8 or 16 zones, expandable up to 240 zones.

  • LCD Keypads
    LCD Keypads

    The FOXSEC LITE series keypad is elegantly designed and features a clear and easy to read OLED display. Users can use the keypad to perform typical operations on the FOXSEC intruder alarm system. This includes control of security areas, door access, event activity review and controlling the state of outputs. Users PIN numbers can also be changed directly from the keypad.

  • Door Controllers
    Door Controllers

    FOXSEC LITE series door module is a budget-friendly device what is easy to install and it is maintenance free. It has two reader inputs, one lock relay, one additional relay, opening button and door status input, and it works only connected with FOXSEC LITE+ control panel.

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