Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE IR Volumetric Detector

Brand: Hikvision


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  • IR Volumetric Detector Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE
  • Range 15m, 90° angle, pet immunity, IP65
  • Active IR antimasking, bidirectional, sensitivity adjustment
  • Manipulation protection, easy installation
  • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
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    Characteristics of Detector Volumétrico IR Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE

    The Detector Volumétrico IR Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE is a high-tech device designed for outdoor intrusion detection. With a detection range of 15 meters and a coverage angle of 90°, this detector offers effective protection against potential threats. Its pet immunity function of up to 40 kg makes it ideal for residential or commercial environments where precise and reliable detection is required.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Detection range of 15 meters.
    • Coverage angle of 90°.
    • Pet immunity of up to 40 kg.
    • IP65 protection for outdoor use.
    • Active IR anti-masking function.
    • Sensitivity adjustment to adapt to different environments.

    Product Specifications:

    • Manufacturer: Hikvision Intrusion.
    • Model: DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE.
    • Compatibility: Hikvision AX-PRO 64 and 96 alarm panels.
    • Easy installation and configuration.
    • Protection against tampering and sabotage.

    Product Advantage and Use:

    The Detector Volumétrico IR Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE is an advanced security solution that ensures early detection of intrusions in outdoor environments. Its weather-resistant design and pet immunity function make it an ideal choice for protecting homes, businesses, and commercial properties. With easy installation and customizable settings, this detector offers reliable and effective protection against potential threats.

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    Brand Hikvision Intrusión

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