Hikvision Expander Wired AX-PRO DS-PM1-I16O2-WE

Brand: Hikvision


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  • Wired expander AX-PRO DS-PM1-I16O2-WE
  • 16 inputs and 2 outputs
  • Compatible with AX-PRO
  • Supports backup battery
  • Power supply 220VAC
  • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
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    Characteristics of Hikvision Expansor Cableado AX-PRO DS-PM1-I16O2-WE - Transmitter Wireless Multiple I/O

    The new wireless multiple I/O transmitter for AX PRO panel expansion offers a connection to wired sensors and outputs. It has 16 wired zones to connect cable sensors with selected RFL resistors, 2 remote control relay outputs, outputs to power sensors and sirens 12 VDC up to 1 A, integrated power supply 100-240VAC @ 30W with on/off switch, rechargeable 12V battery (ordered separately) for autonomy of up to 36 hours depending on external loads, plastic housing for wall mounting, front and rear sabotage, colored status lights, Tri-X 868MHz wireless communication with AES encryption and range up to 1100 m in open space, (LxWx) 199x86.4x261 mm.

    Ideal solution for upgrading old installations with cable sensors. By replacing the old alarm panel with a multiple I/O transmitter in the same position and an AX PRO panel, you continue to use existing cable sensors and sirens while modernizing your system with new cutting-edge monitoring technologies and the possibility of future expansions with new sensors, devices, and functions.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • 16 inputs and 2 outputs
    • Compatible with AX-PRO
    • Supports backup battery
    • Power supply 220VAC

    Product Specifications:

    • Allows the connection of up to 16 wired zones (elements) to connect them wirelessly to the Axpro panel.
    • Allows zone management through the Hikconnect app, as if it were a wireless zone.
    • Quick and easy installation, in just 4 steps.
    • Compatible with both versions of AX Pro (64 zones and 96 zones respectively). Allows adding all the necessary wireless zones, offering the end customer the option to expand their system with wireless equipment (quick installation).
    • Ability to detect magnetic, curtain, PIR & PIRCAMS detectors, smoke, temperature, flood detectors, etc. Everything is possible with AX Pro.
    • AX Pro is the only intrusion panel that has a video buffer, being able to connect up to 4 cameras to the panel, assigning these to different zones, and in case of an alarm, the CRA operator will receive a video clip with pre-alarm (5 seconds of Pre, 2 of POST) without the need for video recorders.

    Brand: Hikvision Intrusion

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    Brand Hikvision Intrusión

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