Hikvision Support DS-PDB-IN-Ceilingbracket

Brand: Hikvision


New product

  • Ceiling mount bracket for DS-PDB-IN
  • For indoor detectors in AXPRO system
  • Allows hidden wiring and easy access
  • Anti-torsion design for stability
  • Made of ABS material
  • Dimensions: 41 x 46 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 8g. Horizontal adjustment ±50°
  • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion

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    Hikvision Soporte DS-PDB-IN-Ceilingbracket: Ceiling Mount Bracket for Indoor Detectors

    The Hikvision Soporte DS-PDB-IN-Ceilingbracket is an essential accessory for installing indoor detectors in your security system. With this bracket, you can securely and efficiently mount your detectors, ensuring optimal performance and precise detection at all times.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Supports hidden wiring and easy post-installation adjustments
    • Anti-torsion design for secure installation
    • Durable ABS shell material
    • Compact dimensions of 41 x 46 x 32 mm
    • Lightweight at 8g for easy installation
    • ±50° horizontal adjustment for precise orientation

    Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion

    Make the most of your security system with the Hikvision Soporte DS-PDB-IN-Ceilingbracket. Its functional design and advanced features allow you to easily and effectively install your indoor detectors. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance the protection of your home or business with this high-quality ceiling mount bracket.

    Data sheet
    Brand Hikvision Intrusión

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