Hikvision Transmitter DS-PM1-I1-WE

Brand: Hikvision


New product

  • Single input transmitter
  • Compact design
  • Bidirectional communication
  • LED display
  • Accelerometer tamper detection
  • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
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    Characteristics of Hikvision Transmisor DS-PM1-I1-WE: Innovative Wireless Transmitter with LED Display

    The Hikvision Transmisor DS-PM1-I1-WE is an innovative device designed to facilitate wireless communication in security systems. With its compact design and LED display, this transmitter offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for real-time data transmission.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Single-input transmitter
    • Compact design
    • Bidirectional communication
    • LED display
    • Accelerometer removal detection

    Product Specifications:

    • Small-sized design, easily placed on wired detector
    • 868MHz bidirectional wireless communication
    • LED display, shows real-time device status
    • With sabotage input and PGM, can be used as zone input or alarm output
    • 3.3V voltage output, can be used to power an external wired detector
    • Accelerometer device removal detection

    The Hikvision Transmisor DS-PM1-I1-WE from the Hikvision Intrusion brand is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly transmitter in their security systems. With its bidirectional communication and accelerometer removal detection, this device offers exceptional performance and peace of mind for users.

    "Brand: Hikvision Intrusion"
    Data sheet
    Brand Hikvision Intrusión

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