Volumetric Detector DT Hikvision DS-PDD12-EG2

Brand: Hikvision


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  • Dual volumetric detector Hikvision DS-PDD12-EG2
  • Detection range: 12m / 85.9°, 10kg immunity at 10m
  • Selectable RFL resistors, sealed optics
  • 24 Ghz microwave, global certifications (EN Grade2)
  • Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
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    Characteristics of Detector Volumétrico DT Hikvision DS-PDD12-EG2: Advanced Motion Detector

    The Detector Volumétrico DT Hikvision DS-PDD12-EG2 is an advanced security device that combines two detection technologies to ensure effective protection. With this detector, you can keep your home or office safe and secure at all times.

    Technical Characteristics:

    • Detection Range: 12m / 85.9°, immunity 10kg at 10m
    • Selectable RFL resistors, sealed optics
    • 24 GHz Microwave, global certifications (EN Grade2)

    Product Specifications:

    • Operation with Dual Technology Detector
    • Alarm triggered only if both sensors detect intrusion
    • PIR sensor to detect temperature variations
    • Microwave sensor to measure changes in pulse frequency
    • Grade 2 certified to withstand experienced attackers

    Product Advantage and Use:

    The Detector Volumétrico DT Hikvision DS-PDD12-EG2 is ideal for protecting your space from unwanted intruders. Its dual technology ensures precise and reliable detection, avoiding false alarms. With Grade 2 certification, this detector offers robust protection against potential threats, whether in an apartment, house, or office. Trust the Hikvision Intrusion brand to keep you secure at all times.

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    Brand Hikvision Intrusión

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