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Hikvision has developed an extensive range of detectors and sensors to tailor the system to different installation needs, such as combined PIR-Glass Break detector, safety detectors, door contacts, smoke sensor, water-leak detector, etc.
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  • 38,99 € In Stock
    IR Volumetric Detector HIKVISION DS-PDP15P-EG2-WE Range 15m, angle 85.9°, pet immunity Perimeter protection, sealed optics, blue LED Anti-tamper, interference protection AES-128 encryption, CR123A battery (3 years) Brand: HIKVISION
  • 91,83 € In Stock
    IR Volumetric Detector HIKVISION DS-PDPC12P-EG2-WE Range 12m/85.9°. Pet immunity. Bi-directional Tri-X 868MHz Perimeter protection, interference. Blue LED. AES-128 encryption Installation height: 2.4 to 3.6m. Configurable via APP. Sealed optics Brand: HIKVISION
  • 23,09 € In Stock
    Wireless magnetic contact Tri-X 868 MHz Max distance 52 mm LED indicator Slim and compact design Interference protection Configurable via APP Brand: HIKVISION
  • 21,03 € In Stock
    Portable wireless emergency button Alarm activation, panic or medical mode Simple and flexible button to be placed anywhere Protection against accidental pressing Configurable through APP LED indicator and Tri-X bidirectional transmission at 868 MHz IP54 protection and AES-128 encryption Brand: HIKVISION
  • 23,09 € In Stock
    Portable panic button Protection against accidental presses Configurable via APP LED indicator Bi-directional Tri-X transmission 868 MHz IP54 protection Single-button alarm activation Brand: HIKVISION
  • 2 612,71 € In Stock
    Perimeter IP Radar Detection range: Human 60m, vehicle 120m Detection angle 120 and 30º Alarm 1in/4out, 1*RS485 IP67, IK09, NEMA 4 Power supply: AC 24v/DC 36v Brand: HIKVISION
  • 93,88 € In Stock
    Mod. Camera DS-PDCM15PF-IR 1080p; 2.8 mm; IR15m; IP67; 12 VDC Brand: HIKVISION
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    Out of stock
    IR Volumetric Detector Hikvision DS-PDCL12-EG2-WE Detection Range: 12m / 360° SEC (Smart Environmental Control) Advanced digital signal processing and 3D optics Remote configurable via application Frequency hopping to prevent interference Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 91,39 € In Stock
    Special CO Detector Hikvision DS-PDCO-E-WE High sensitivity and precision Wireless communication Easy and quick installation Compatible with Hikvision panels LED status indicator Leading brand in electronic security Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 63,01 € In Stock
    Volumetric detector DT Hikvision DS-PDD12P-EG2-WE Coverage 12m/85.9°. Installation height: 2.4-3.6m Bi-directional Tri-X 868MHz. Perimeter protection Digital processing. Interference protection Blue LED. AES-128 encryption. Configurable APP Anti-tamper protection. Sealed optics Battery (2xCR123A, 3-year lifespan). Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 38,00 € In Stock
    Hikvision DS-PDWL-E-WE Water Leak Detector Wireless 868 MHz LED Alarm Indicator Interference Protection Configurable Mobile App Tamper Protection IP66, AES-128 Encryption "Brand: Hikvision Intrusion"
  • 28,38 € In Stock
    Relay DS-PM1-O1L-WE Wireless communication Remote configuration Status indicator LED Interference protection AES-128 encryption Brand: Unknown
  • 31,75 € In Stock
    RELE DS-PM1-O1H-WE Bidirectional 868 MHz switch Compact design Configurable via APP Scenarios based on events AES-128 encryption Status indicator LED Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 79,85 € In Stock
    Compatible with 868MHz Tri-X and Cam-X Protection against tampering Compatible with PIRCAM pairing Status LED for registration/signal/power/failure Automatic pairing of detectors Extends RF distance in AXPRO system Up to 35 hours of battery backup Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 58,20 € In Stock
    IR Volumetric Detector Hikvision DS-PDPG12P-EG2-WE Bi-directional Tri-X transmission 868MHz Coverage 12m length/ 85.9° Perimeter protection, detects walls and windows Installation height: 2.4 to 3.6 m Acoustic sensor for glass break detection (8m/120°) Pet immunity. Interference protection Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 38,00 € In Stock
    Special Glass Break Detector Hikvision DS-PDBG8-EG2-WE Tri-X 868 MHz Transmission Configurable via APP Protection against tampering and interference Detection Range 8m, Angle 120° Acoustic sensor with omnidirectional microphone AES-128 Encryption, LED Indicator, Power: 2xCR123A "Brand: Hikvision Intrusion"
  • 31,75 € In Stock
    Wireless magnetic contact Tri-X Hikvision AXPRO 868 MHz For metal base doors. Slim design, discreet installation Maximum distance 43 mm. Digital processing. LED indicator Configurable via APP. Protection against interference and tampering AES-128 encryption. 2 wired inputs extension Battery 1xCR123A. Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 50,02 € In Stock
    Smoke Detector Hikvision DS-PDSMK-S-WE Tri-X 868 MHz Transmission Configurable via APP Manipulation Protection Power Supply: 1xCR17450 Battery Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 161,14 € In Stock
    IR Volumetric Detector Hikvision DS-PDTT15AM-LM-WE Range 15m, 90° angle, pet immunity, IP65 Active IR antimasking, bidirectional, sensitivity adjustment Manipulation protection, easy installation Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
  • 114,48 € In Stock
    Wired expander AX-PRO DS-PM1-I16O2-WE 16 inputs and 2 outputs Compatible with AX-PRO Supports backup battery Power supply 220VAC Brand: Hikvision Intrusion
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