Ajax protects your home from burglars, fires, and floods. If trouble comes, the system will immediately activate the sirens, send you an alert, and request for help from the alarm response company.
  • AJAX Kits
    AJAX Kits
    Professional Ajax alarm kits for home and business with no fees and with grade II certificate. Communication: Ethernet, WiFi, GSM and WCDMA, thus providing an ultra-stable connection and instant sending of alarms to the owner's smartphone. All our kits consist of PIR detectors, alarm HUB, sensors, sirens and controls.
  • AJAX Hubs
    AJAX Hubs
    Here you will find a wide range of control panels for Ajax alarm system without fees with IP, GSM or WiFi communication and grade 2 certificate that offers maximum security for your home or business. Full control of all Ajax sensors, door opening, window breaking ...
  • AJAX Devices
    AJAX Devices
    Detectors for Ajax alarm systems without fees: door opening or window break detectors, smoke and fire detectors with a temperature sensor, wireless motion detectors.
  • AJAX Controls
    AJAX Controls
    Wireless AJAX keypads and controls to control the security modes of your alarm system with no fees for home.
  • AJAX Sirens
    AJAX Sirens
    Sirens for AJAX alarms without fees for home and business.
  • AJAX Accessories
    AJAX Accessories
    In this category you can find accessories for AJAX alarm wirelles system: transmitters, relays, modules ...
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Showing 1 - 20 of 42 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 42 items