FoxSec PRO 

FOXSEC PRO series system is an integrated security system, which comprises a single high-reliability system of intruder alarm and access control. The system can manage online up to 20 control units and an unlimited number of doors.

  • Software

    FOXSEC PRO series software consists of FoxSecConf system configuration software, including the configuration process for hardware, integration software and configuration settings, such as facility graphical floor plans, CCTV, time and attendance management, and other modules of integration.

  • Control Panels
    Control Panels

    The FOXSEC PRO series control panels deliver a fully integrated intrusion and access control system solution. Control panels can communicate with Building Management Systems (BMS), air conditioning and lighting systems to reduce the energy costs associated with these services.

  • Extension Modules
    Extension Modules

    Utilice módulos de extensión de zona en cualquier panel de control de alarma de la serie FOXSEC PRO para proporcionar espacio adicional para sus detectores/sensores cableados. Cada tarjeta proporciona 8 o 16 zonas, ampliables hasta 790 zonas.

  • LCD Keypads
    LCD Keypads

    The FOXSEC PRO series LED keypad is elegantly designed and features a clear and easy to read OLED display. Users can use the keypad to perform typical operations on the FOXSEC intruder alarm system. This includes control of security areas, door access, event activity review and controlling the state of outputs. Users PIN numbers can also be changed directly from the keypad.

  • Door Controllers
    Door Controllers

    FOXSEC's PRO series highly secure door controllers offer a new approach to access control management and integration – enabling both maximum security and maximum ease of use. Access control system allows up to 7,600 users and 310 different access points and/or lifts. FOXSEC door controllers support a full range of 3rd party readers including Mifare, HID, facial and fingerprint recognition readers as well as mobile credential support from multiple vendors.

  • Turnstile Controllers
    Turnstile Controllers

    If you need a controller that can handle control access points equipped with turnstiles, then FOXSEC PRO series turnstile controller will be ideal. It’s highly flexible and high performing, working seamlessly together with turnstiles by reading the identifier code (RFID card, PIN code, biometrics etc).

  • Elevator Controllers
    Elevator Controllers

    The integration of elevator controls with an access and security system is a very practical solution. Engineered specifically for elevator control, FOXSEC PRO series elevator panels provide customers with the most secure, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solutions available today. For customers with multiple sites and/or thousands of users, a fift integration with FOXSEC elevator panels in combination with FOXSEC WEB software provides a seamless and unified solution to manage access very efficiently.

  • Accessories

    FOXSEC PRO series inteligent access control and intruder alarm system offers a versatile collection of access control and intruder alarm products and accessories, providing a complete range of commercial and industrial security and control solutions.

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