Hikvision NVR DS-7608NXI-K1/8P - 8 channel 1U 8 POE AcuSense 4K

Brand: Hikvision


New product

  • NVR recorder for IP cameras
  • PRO Range
  • 8 CH PoE IEEE 802.3 af/at 75 W max.
  • Supported incoming bandwidth 80 Mbps
  • Max. resolution 12 Mpx
  • Compresión H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264
  • HDMI 4K and VGA output
  • Motion detection 2.0 all channels
  • Face recognition
  • Audio
  • Dual Stream IP Access
  • Mouse
  • Space for 1 HDD
  • WEB, CMS and Smartphone interface
  • ONVIF compatible

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Description of Hikvision DS-7608NXI-K1/8P NVR Recorder - 8 channels 1U 8 POE AcuSense 4K

The Hikvision DS-7608NXI-K1/8P NVR Recorder is a network recording device designed for IP cameras up to 8 channels. With a wide range of technical features and an affordable price, this NVR recorder is the perfect solution for any security system.

Technical features:

  • - Supports up to 8 input IP channels with a maximum resolution of 12 Mpx on 1 channel, providing high quality images and detail. With this capability, you can capture all the important details and have a clear view of what is happening on your property.
  • - Maximum incoming bandwidth capacity of 80 Mbps, allowing for smooth transmission of high resolution video. This means you can view images in real time without delay or interruption, which is crucial for the security of your home or business.
  • - It supports H.265+ and H.264+ video compression for more efficient bandwidth and storage management. This allows you to save storage space without compromising image quality.
  • - Motion Detection System 2.0 uses deep learning technology to improve motion detection accuracy and minimise false alarms. With this feature, you will only receive notifications when there is actually something that requires your attention.
  • - Advanced facial recognition for faster and more accurate person identification. This feature will allow you to identify people entering your property quickly and accurately, which is especially useful in commercial environments.
  • - HDMI and VGA outputs for local HD monitoring. You can connect your NVR recorder to a monitor or TV and view the images in high definition for clear, detailed viewing.
  • - Easy-to-use user interface through a mobile application, web interface and CMS software for easy management and control. You can access your security system from anywhere, anytime, giving you peace of mind and convenience.
  • - Space for 1 SATA hard disk up to 10TB for internal storage. This will allow you to store a large amount of images and videos without worrying about running out of space.
  • - Support for ONVIF protocol, allowing integration with other IP cameras from different manufacturers. You will be able to expand your security system and add additional cameras according to your needs.

In summary, the Hikvision DS-7608NXI-K1/8P NVR is a high-performance recording and monitoring solution that offers advanced features such as motion detection 2.0 and face recognition. With its ease of use, image quality and affordability, this NVR recorder is the perfect choice for any business or residence looking for a reliable security solution.


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