Hikvision launches ColorVu 2.0 cameras now with 4K and varifocal options

Hikvision launches ColorVu 2.0 cameras now with 4K and varifocal options

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competition, announced its new generation of ColorVu cameras for more vivid 24/7 colorful images, first including 4K and varifocal options in offerings full color.

In video security, color-related information is crucial to identify event details, especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared illumination only provide black and white images for night monitoring. As a result, people, vehicles, or other important objects can easily blur and blend into the background, making it difficult to distinguish critical items. Hikvision ColorVu technology solves this common challenge faced by many security camera users, enabling the cameras to produce colorful video even in extremely dark environments.

ColorVu options enriched with 4K and varifocal cameras

The newly released ColorVu 2.0 cameras bring rich options to the market by covering both Turbo HD (DF8T series/DF3T series/DF0T series) and IP products. The Enhanced ColorVu Series can meet a multitude of customer needs, from high-performance products to affordable options and smart solutions.

Hikvision has now included 4K ColorVu cameras in its product range, taking color images to ultra-high definition levels day and night. With better image quality and more details, 4K ColorVu cameras can be applied in an even wider range of scenarios, including stadiums, airports, ports and parking lots, where clear, high-resolution images are needed.

In addition, Hikvision has also added varifocal cameras (the DF8T-Z series) to the ColorVu 2.0 models to create 24/7 color images at all focal lengths. With motorized lenses from 2.8 to 12mm, the ColorVu varifocal cameras will allow users to zoom in on colorful images at night.

Color images enhanced with AA manufacturing technology

ColorVu 2.0 camera lenses have retained the F1.0 super aperture design, allowing four times more light into the lens than conventional cameras (which have F2.0). Focusing high definition cameras with large F1.0 apertures is extremely technical for the industry, requiring very strict and precise manufacturing. Hikvision has applied its advanced Active Alignment (AA) technology in the production of ColorVu cameras to bring the snapping precision to 4 pixels, even less than 1/30 hair diameter.

Meanwhile, with optimized sensors, color night images from ColorVu 2.0 cameras are reproduced much brighter than conventional cameras. A new 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) algorithm helps cameras record additional remote details clearly and deliver sharper images. In addition, ColorVu 2.0 cameras are equipped with a soft, warm supplementary light that illuminates to ensure color images even in dark environments.

Quick target search with AcuSense technology

Most security camera users only need to focus on human and vehicle triggered alarms, especially at night. These newly released ColorVu cameras can integrate Hikvision's cutting-edge AcuSense technology to help users focus only on security-critical events. Thanks to deep learning algorithms, ColorVu cameras can distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects like rain, leaves, and animals. The alarms will only be activated when the preset type of intrusion occurs. With this solution, video clips are classified by person and vehicle categories, and object classification greatly improves search efficiency.

SOURCE Hikvision Digital Technology

Posted on 09/20/2021 Video Surveillance 3001