Comprehensive next-generation security solution - FoxSec NET+

Comprehensive next-generation security solution - FoxSec NET+

FoxSec is now available in our portfolio and you are looking at the top line of comprehensive security system products. The FoxSec NET+ system is ideal for both commercial buildings, as well as being a great solution for the protection of industrial facilities. With incredible integration features and a wide range of products to choose from, this line is tailored to meet virtually any high-security installation requirement.

This is a great addition to our line of intrusion and access control systems. There are two options for control panels and multiple options for zone expanders/relays and door controllers. We're going to review FoxSec gate controllers in one of our next articles, but for now let's take a look at FoxSec control panels now.

Recently, the FS9000 and FS9000BN models have been replaced by much more powerful versions - FS9002 and FS9002BN. These new control panels are equipped with 32 zones, 8 auxiliary relay outputs, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, Contact ID modem and EEPROM memory for up to 5760 users. In addition, the FS9002BN control panel can communicate with building management systems (BMS) to increase the efficiency of building operation.

Each control panel has incorporated four data transmission lines: the first for keypads and auxiliary relays, the second and third for zone expanders, and the fourth line for door controllers. Data line lengths are up to 2 km. Built-in optical isolation of the data lines protects the system from transient surges and ground loops.

The flexible architecture of the FoxSec NET+ system allows it to be expanded up to 480 zones, 48 keypads, 1000 relay outputs, 240 partitions and more than 600 card readers and 300 doors. In case you are going to have a larger number of users, doors, zones or require remote management of multiple sites centrally, then you should take a look at FoxSec WEB software.

With FoxSec WEB, a security system can be expanded as needed in unlimited ways, allowing different security systems to be blended into a single piece of software. Plus, with the web browser-based interface, simply log into your browser and you're ready to manage your security system, securely from anywhere in the world.

All FoxSec products are exclusively produced in Estonia under strict environmental and quality standards. Thanks to the use of industrial components, hardware products will serve you for decades.

We are very happy with this line of FoxSec products. This line will be the perfect comprehensive security solution for newly built or renovated commercial buildings.

Posted on 02/24/2022 Alarm Systems 2140